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Stethoscope on the Cardiogram


Fortune Five Hundred (F-500) Health Group is a company comprising over 350 Kenyan Medical Doctors, Dentists, and Pharmacists driven by the desire to deliver quality healthcare. The Company is anchored in a unique investment model for a sustainable livelihood beyond the years of practice for its members.

The Group was born out of the fallout from the end of LINDA AFYA I in December 2011. Social Media conversations with varied opinions brought practical strangers together. The first Physical meeting of strangers took place at the Bonds Restaurant, Nairobi on January 7th, 2012. What can 500 doctors each contributing KES 5000 pm for  24 months do with KES 60M was the question that resonated well with members that resulted to the birth of the Group. The Group was incorporated as a Private Limited liability Company under The Companies Act, Cap 486 of Kenyan Law; CPR/2012/66924 on 16th Feb 2012

Our Vision

To establish a nationwide network of integrated group practice clinics, hospitals and pharmaceutical supplies.

Our Mission

To incorporate medical practitioners, dentists, and pharmacists into a nationwide group practice model, and to mastermind value chain control business models in the Kenyan private healthcare industry.

Broad Objectives

Bring at least 5000 doctors in Kenya to do their Private Medical Practice under ONE group with a Patented Name in 10 years.

To create a Network of Low Cost, High Quality and Nationwide Healthcare outlets that will render Affordable Health services to Kenyans.

To mastermind a mindset shift among Medics changing us from individual practitioners to large and high impact group practitioners enjoying a steady Income and a stable work and life balance.

To create a chain of allied Healthcare business opportunities that are Doctor-owned, Doctor-managed and doctor-run.

To create a system that mentors younger doctors to become Quality Practitioners rendering High Impact services.

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